We Did the Best We Could With the Knowledge We Had is a two person show with works by myself and Eron Rauch. "We Did the Best We Could With the Knowledge We Had is more than a literal illustration of a glib mantra. It is a collection of image-icons that are searching for places of unreduced complexity we can use to focus our attention on contemplating uncertainty. The works in the show, titles included, are attempts to shake free of the isolation of the past, and damn just get moving forward. Ultimately we want the work to serve as an aid in restoring our humanity (and our humor) against the media-distended flow of time that seems so desperately to goad our self-criticism to such a frenzy that stagnate in the granular trauma, anxiety, conflict, and disconnection rife in the digital era." -Eron Rauch

All things happening now have happened before

If a sailor wants to sail against the wind they must use the wind

Have you ever seen a badly designed wave?

Ready to be saved by another industrial revolution?

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