For the summer of 2014 I wore an automated camera on my body named "The Autographer" the camera takes a picture automatically whenever one of the 5 sensors are triggered. The sensors evaluate and look for changes in motion, distance, light, temperature, and GPS location. Whenever it senses one or more of these changes, it will snap the images in hopes that this is something of importance to you. The camera is programed to assume these factors are what make a moment you would like to cherish. I also brought this camera along with me to the bowling alley when I went bowling everyday for 300 days in a row. I wanted to see how well the camera would capture  "memorable" moments. After accumulating thousands of images made by just wearing a camera I wanted to find a way to automate my memories through the software, similar to how the hardware chose what to capture. I found Google had a photo program that aimed to take the work out of scrap booking and documenting your memories. I then uploaded all the automated camera images to this program and out came an array of images that had been fully edited and stylized, and placed in a time lapse. It also grouped my images into categories of Person, Place, and Things. This made me think about how we create our own story in life and if it really can be boiled down to these three things. I also became fascinated with the idea of art works created by algorithms of hardware and software and the body and mind becoming less important or almost non existence in the process. Below you will find my best attempt to share this information with you. In doing so I hope you think about your own digital life and how more images and being made then we can handle. What do we do with all this information? The idea of surveillance and privacy in the digital age are also probably of interest to everyone that is a background character to my story.